David Carranza

Senior Licensed Paralegal

David has been a senior licensed paralegal for over twenty five and handles accident benefit claims for victims of automobile accidents. David has extensive experience with personal injury claims, including slip and falls. Mr. Carranza is well known at the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and represents clients at mediations and arbitrations.

Sandy Cassarscalia

Claims Supervisor (Licensed Paralegal)

Sandy has been employed in the legal field for many years, demonstrated by the wealth of knowledge and expertise she brings to ICS Legal Services.  She is recognized by The Law Society of Ontario as a licensed paralegal and provides legal services within the province of Ontario.  Sandy specializes in personal injury claims, including slip and falls.  She is dedicated to finding solutions for victims involved in automobile accidents or for those who have been denied benefits.  Sandy is bilingual and enjoys servicing members of the Italian community.

Humberto Geovo

Claims Supervisor (Licensed Paralegal)

Humberto, as a former lawyer in his native country of Colombia, brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to our firm.  As a standing member of the Paralegal Society of Ontario since 2001, Humberto services clients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents.  In addition, he represents individuals at mediations and pre-arbitration hearings before the Financial Services Commission of Ontario as required.

Alicia Rivera

Claims Supervisor (Licensed Paralegal)

Alicia enjoys the challenges that accompany the field of accident benefits.  She provides both her colleagues and her clients with the appropriate recommendations to ensure client satisfaction and organizational success.  Furthermore, Alicia’s knowledge and experience enables her to represent clients at mediations.  Alicia is bilingual and enjoys working with the Spanish-speaking community.  Alicia leads the Brampton accident benefits team and continuously shares her knowledge with her staff.

Carlos Murillo

Marketing Director

Carlos firmly believes that clients are our number one priority. He understands the difficulties clients face when they are involved in an accident. He takes the time to assess clients’ cases and to explain to them their rights no matter what the circumstances may be. He provides consultations at our Brampton office and if clients cannot attend, he will visit them. More importantly, Carlos will not make promises unless he is confident that our firm can deliver results. He leads a strong marketing team, which is an integral part of ICS Legal Services’ success