David Carranza

Senior Licensed Paralegal

David has been representing injured victims since 1995 and handles accident benefit claims for victims of automobile accidents.  David has extensive experience with personal injury claims, including slip and falls.  David represents clients at mediation and arbitrations, and has successfully appeared before the Ontario Insurance Commission, Financial Services Commission of Ontario, ADR Chambers, License Appeal Tribunal and Criminal Injury Compensation Board.

David’s passion is fueled by the challenges his clients face when injured, and he strives to ensure that they receive the maximum benefits possible for their injuries.  David takes pride in sharing his knowledge with colleagues and aspiring professionals within the field. Furthermore, he maintains a high level of knowledge about industry best practices by attending and speaking at various conferences. David is an avid runner and enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends.

Sandy Cassarscalia

Claims Supervisor (Licensed Paralegal)

Sandy has been employed in the legal field since 1999 and a member of ICS Legal Services since 2008.   She is recognized by the Law Society of Ontario as a licensed paralegal and provides legal services within the province of Ontario.  Sandy specializes in personal injury claims and has extensive knowledge of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule.  She is involved in most complex catastrophic cases.  Sandy has advocated for her clients in several Mediations with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and currently handles numerous files with the License Appeal Tribunal (LAT).

Sandy handles every one of her files with passion and dedication and exhibits a particular sense of empathy and compassion.  With her experience and knowledge, Sandy is dedicated to finding solutions for victims involved in automobile accidents that have been denied accident benefits, and ensuring they receive the compensation they are entitled to, in order to manage their lives after an accident. Aside from handling her own files, Sandy is the Claims Supervisor and manages the team at ICS Legal Services, where she mentors and provides invaluable knowledge to her colleagues and strives to see them succeed. Sandy is bilingual and enjoys serving members of the Italian community. In her spare time, Sandy enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and running.  She is also very passionate about Karate, and currently training towards achieving her black belt.

Humberto Geovo

Claims Supervisor (Licensed Paralegal)

Humberto is a former lawyer in this native country of Colombia, and he brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to our firm, where he has been working for over 20 years. As a member in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario since 2008, and a Notary Public since 2020. Humberto services clients by providing practical legal advice orally and in writing about their claims; guiding them through their case, filing applications through the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT), including Motions and Applications for Reconsideration when it is needed, preparing them for Hearings, and submitting legal Submissions on their behalf.

Alicia Rivera

Claims Supervisor (Licensed Paralegal)

Alicia is a Licensed Paralegal and a member of the Law Society of Ontario in good standing. Alicia has extensive experience in accident benefits and provides both her colleagues and clients with support to ensure client’s needs are handled successfully. Alicia’s takes an active role dealing with client’s services and enjoys working with the Spanish-speaking community.  Alicia enjoys spending time with family and friends and has developed a passion for cycling and running.

Carlos Murillo

Senior Licensed Paralegal/Client Care Manager

Carlos has been actively practicing in the personal injury claims field for twenty-five years. He takes pride in the precedent-setting decisions in marketing he has obtained throughout the years. In addition, he is leading a strong marketing team which is an integral part of ICS Legal Services’ success. Carlos’s practice is devoted to personal injury claims and representing people who have suffered personal injuries. Carlos has experience handling all stages of personal injury claims and has represented thousands of plaintiffs who have been injured in car accidents in Ontario. He is passionate about the rights of his clients while taking care to accommodate the personal conflict many clients experience. He provides consultation at his Brampton office and personal at-home visits better serve his clients. Carlos has been helping motor vehicle accident victims get back on their feet for many years. He understands that when an individual is injured, it can affect their family, their way of life, their daily routine, and their mental and physical health. For that reason, he is committed to ensuring his client’s needs are met and will guide them through the process. Our legal team is committed to advocating on behalf of clients and we recognize that each legal claim has unique circumstances. We make it our mission to comprehensively understand your concerns and provide the information that you need to make educated decisions and feel confident about the legal aspects of your case.