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Dog bites can often occur as a result of the negligence or lack of training on the part of a dog owner, and are the party at fault should a person be bitten by their dog. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable age group at risk of being a victim of a dog attack are children. Young children who are attacked by a dog are often left with physical disfigurements, emotional trauma, and a phobia of dogs that can last for the rest of their life.

The Province of Ontario has established strict liability laws with respect to dog owners, and the risks that they assume if they wish to go out into a public space with their dog; it may require them to walk their dog on a leash, ensure their dog wears a muzzle, or only allow their dog off-leash in specified and enclosed dog parks. If you’ve been bitten by a dog, contract our experts at ICS Legal Services to ensure that you receive the maximum financial compensation you deserve for incurred medical bills, loss of income or any other type of loss, and hold the dog owner responsible for their actions.


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We have successfully helped victims of dog bites from all background. Some of which includes:

  • Nerve Damage
  • Scarring
  • Crush Wounds and Infections
  • Emotional Trauma

The victim of the attack is eligible for compensation on the following scenarios:

  • The owner of the dog through “Strict Liability”
  • A Person who violated the leash law or a law prohibiting dogs from “running large”
  • A person who kept a dog knowing that the dog had a history of injuring people.